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Trempealeau County gun case update

A report Trempealeau County police got Tuesday of a black man knocking on a door of a home while armed with a hand gun in the northern part of the county turned out to be a friend of the home owner at the home in a money and property dispute. 24-year-old Marcus Jordan was arrested for being a felon with a gun and holding the home owner against their will.

New propane terminal opens in Hixton

A new propane terminal opened in Hixton Thursday. The terminal can store 360 thousand gallons of propane, unload six rail cars every 4 ½ hours and up load six trucks per hour. The terminal is just south of Highway 95 just west of the Hixton I 94 exit.  The new terminal is expected to bring about 15 million gallons of new supply into the state annually.

Nerison and Flesch on 96th District economy

The economy will play a large role in Tuesday 96th State Assembly District race, as it does in most elections. Republican incumbent Lee Nerison of Westby says improving the state’s transportation infrastructure is the most important economic issue of the election in his district. Nerison says we need the infrastructure and we need a consistent revenue source. Nerison says there’s a lot of money that needs to get filled back in, and that restoring that money and spending it on infrastructure will help the economy. Democratic challenger Pete Flesch of Gays Mills thinks jobs are the most important economic issue of the election in the district. Flesch says good-paying jobs is something he’s been really atuned to since taking over as Crawford County board chair. Flesch says one of things he’s proud of in his time there is starting a county Economic Development Office to help with job retention, expansion and attraction. Nerison and Flesch both think increasing access to high-speed Internet in rural areas is the second-most important economic issue of the campaign.

Sex offenders being released to live on north side

Two child sex offenders are being released in 10 days to live on La Crosse’s north side. 53-year-old Wayne Larson and 45-year-old Steven Weissenberger will both live at the same home in the 400 block of Caledonia Street. Both were convicted of sexual assault, Larson of a 10-year-old boy, Weissenberger of a 4-year-old boy.

La Crosse police scam warning

La Crosse police are warning of a scam in which the victim’s caller ID shows the call coming from the police department. Callers have claimed they have pending arrest charges for victims. If you get a call, ask for a badge number and call police back.

Area police cracking down on drunk driving this weekend

Juneau County, La Crosse, Mauston, New Lisbon and Elroy police will be cracking down on drunk driving the next two nights. The crackdowns will happen both nights from 7 o’ clock to 3 o’ clock. La Crosse police will also be cracking down on speeding.

 UW-L Palestinian War and Children's effect speech Saturday 

A UW-La Crosse assistant history professor who recently returned from spending nearly a year in Palestine will give a free speech Saturday morning about how children in the area deal with war. The speech by Heidi Morrison begins at 10 o’ clock at Centennial Hall.

Daylight Savings end Sunday

Daylight savings time ends Sunday morning at 2 o’ clock. Set you clocks back one hour. Officials say it’s also a good time to check smoke and carbon monoxide detectors.

Tips for storing small engines for winter

Monroe County’s UW-Extension office has some tips for storing small engines over the winter. They recommend storing them full of fuel with a fuel stabilizer for the winter and changing the oil before the winter.




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